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The missing piece in your digital transformation. It starts with digital identity.

Mark Klünnen

We believe in using technology not just for technology’s sake, but to provide a better service for customers. This starts with building the experience around the customer. Partnering [with Onfido] has enabled Swype to do this, starting with world-leading registration.

Mark Klünnen

Director of Strategy & Propositions, yallo

Onboard customers remotely without sacrificing speed or security

The world is moving from offline and face-to-face, to online and on-demand interactions. Telecommunications providers need to catch up in order to compete.

But with variable regulations on a country-by-country basis, less dependable legacy processes, and users demanding smoother UX than ever before, the right approach is key.

Onboard customers remotely

Make the move from in-store to online checkouts and meet the growing expectations of your customer base. With Onfido’s fully remote identity verification, customers are onboarded and verified via their smartphone or computer.

Build a remote flow that fits your specific onboarding. For example, trigger Document Verification for customers who don’t match traditional data sources, such as credit checks. Want to maintain the in-store feel in a fully digitized setting? Add Biometric Verification to give you more assurance that each user is genuine and the true owner of their ID.

Let the right customers in, seamlessly and securely

Every customer that drops out of checkout is a lost opportunity for your business. Onfido helps telecommunications providers around the world build a great UX while filtering out the bad actors. 

Customers can register in seconds, with real-time feedback, thanks to  our industry-leading SDK. It’s how yallo were able to reduce the time taken to onboard each customer to a mobile contract by 90%.

And our ID coverage spans 2,500 documents in 195 countries, so you can reach an international audience.

Reduce the costs of your back-office operations

Ensuring that a customer is eligible for a pre-paid SIM or a contract should be a benefit to your business, not a blocker. 

In a traditional setting, a customer comes in to make a purchase, only to face back and forth between back-office and front-office, scanning documents and checking names. This takes hours to complete. It costs your customers time, and it costs you money.

Onfido’s hybrid approach to fraud, combining human experts with machine learning, enables your teams to resolve customer applications quickly and efficiently. Which means more customers, and lower expenses.

Secure your business and your conversion rates



90% in reduction in time to verify a customer for a contract. From 30 minutes to 3 minutes with Onfido.



5x more users verified and onboarded, with the exact same Operators team.

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